Produkty Kamerové systémy

How to install security camera system

Installation of security camera systems can be managed even without the help of professional companies. The CCTV system at first glance may look complicated, but its assembly with components is not very difficult and can be handled by every handyman.


In principle, this is no more complicated than setting up a TV and video. It is only a direct connection of the individual cameras to the DVR box, monitor and power supply and the installation is complete. Some CCTV systems, such as the SECURIA Digital Camera System, do not require a separate power supply for the cameras. These cameras are powered directly through an Ethernet cable, which also transmits video data from the camera.

The figure shows a schematic connection of a regular camera system.

Equipment needed for installation

The following tools are required to install the camera cables and to mount the cameras.

  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • set of wall drill bits

Security cameras: mounted on a solid surface (wall, ceiling ...) Set the scanning direction with the rotary holder. Cameras have two or one connector. If the camera has two connectors, one is used to power the camera and the other to transmit images and data. In the case of a single connector camera, power and data are routed through a single cable.

DVR box: does not require complex assembly. Its installation is similar to a home DVD player.

Connecting the camera system components: the cameras are connected directly to the dvr box to the designated connectors. For analog systems with a coaxial cable and for digital ethernet cable, or via wifi. When all cameras are connected, other peripherals such as pc mouse, monitor, usb disk etc. are connected. Finally, the DVR box is connected to the mains.

Operating the system: it is also not complicated. When the system starts, the preview from the cameras is automatically displayed. All you have to do is set the required functions and parameters such as recording quality, motion detection, alarm. If your system is connected to the Internet, you enter your system login data into the corresponding mobile or PC applications, and you can then view the previews from the cameras on your mobile devices and PC.


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