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Camera systems offer

WiFi camera system

is installed in places where there is no need to recognize perfect details of the scanned objects

AnalogHD camera system

Compared to an analog system, it has a higher image resolution and thus displays more details of the objects

Digital camera system

Compared to HD analog systems, it displays the most details and is therefore suitable for places where it is necessary to recognize people or objects in more detail

Simple installation

– The installation of SecuriaPRO camera systems is very simple.The connection is similar to connecting a home DVD player to a TV.

Route the cables to the cameras and connect them to the DVR box. Next, connect the PC LAN cable, PC mouse, monitor, plug in to the mains and start the system.

Configure the system according to your requirements. If you want to view the images from cameras also on a mobile device, install the necessary application..

Now the system is ready fro use so you can view images from cameras on your monitor or on your mobile device. .

Motion detection

SecuriaPRO camera systems have motion detection. If movement is detected, the system can automatically send a message to the selected device.

Online preview on mobile devices

All SecuriaPRO CCTV systems allow online image transmission through the application on mobile devices such as Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. It is also possible to preview and control the system on personal computers, either through the installed software or via a web browser.

System installation options

our CCTV systems can be installed in different locations. Whether it is in private areas such as houses, cottages, dwellings or commercial premises such as public catering, or various other businesses ...


All cameras are equipped with nightvision function.In low light conditions, they automatically switch to Night Vision mode. Each camera has 24 IR diodes.

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